Why Choose Dr. Sumita Sofat for IVF Treatment

Infertility problems are increasing day by day and in the recent survey more than 40% couples of India effect with various kinds of infertility problems. There are various causes of female infertility but these are most common damage fallopian tubes, ovulatory problems, endometriosis, cancer and many others. And for male infertility, these are the common causes, low sperm count, zero sperm count and others. To get rid from these problems and become the parent they directly contact to the gynaecologist that provide the perfect solution.

In India, there are hundreds of gynecologists but choosing the right one that provides the risk-free treatment is the really hard task. If you looking for the best gynaecologist in India then you need to contact the Dr Sumita Sofat. She has more than 20 years of the experience and provides the best treatment of any kind of the male or female infertility related problem without taking any risks. She runs her own clinic named Sofat Infertility Centre which is located in Ludhiana Punjab listed as the one of the best IVF centre in Punjab. To know more about the Dr Sumita Sofat you can surf her website.